Ramona Vijeyarasa

Ramona Vijeyarasa is the senior lecturer in Law at the University of Technology Sydney and winner of the 2022 Women in AI Award (Law). She is author of The Woman President: Leadership, law and legacy for women based on experiences from South and Southeast Asia, out now with Oxford University Press, along with more than 20 other peer reviewed publications, including in the NYU Journal of International Law and Politics, the Journal of Human Rights and the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

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Lessons and consequences of the failure to regulate AI for women’s human rights

By: Ramona Vijeyarasa & José-Miguel Bello y Villarino

The current absence of adequate regulation by states to protect human rights from the deployment of AI systems is, in itself, a violation of human rights.

Can an online platform increase state accountability on women’s rights?

By: Ramona Vijeyarasa
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Quantitative approaches such as the Gender Legislative Index offer advantages compared to using resource-intensive qualitative approaches alone.



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