Sara De Vido

Sara De Vido is associate professor of International Law at Ca’ Foscari, where she teaches international law, human rights law and European Union law. She is vice-director of the Centre for Human Rights (Cestudir) at Ca’ Foscari and an affiliate of the Manchester International Law Centre, UK, where she co-founded the Women in International Law Network (WILNET). Her recent book is Violence against Women’s Health in International Law (2020).


Sara De Vido è professoressa associata di Diritto Internazionale all’Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, dove insegna diritto internazionale, diritti umani e diritto dell’Unione Europea. È vice-direttrice per il Centro di Studi sui Diritti Umani (Cestudir) a Ca’ Foscari e affiliata al Manchester International Law Centre, Regno Unito, dove ha co-fondato il Women in International Law Network (WILNET). Il suo libro più recente è Violence against Women’s Health in International Law (2020).


Yes, women’s sexual and reproductive health should matter to the UN Security Council

By: Sara De Vido

The failure of the UNSC to explicitly guarantee women’s rights to sexual and reproductive health reinforces a patriarchal governance system that is inherently harmful ...




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