Shareen Hertel

Shareen Hertel is a professor of Political Science and Human Rights at the University of Connecticut and has worked with foundations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and United Nations agencies in the United States, Latin America, and South Asia for over two decades. Hertel is also editor of the Journal of Human Rights and has published books and articles across multiple disciplines.

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Mobilizing empathy for a truly cosmopolitan human rights

By: Shareen Hertel

If it was difficult to show the interconnections among people and rights before the onset of COVID-19, we have an opportunity to do so now.

Making economic rights “real” with stakeholder dialogues

By: Shareen Hertel

When businesses go into a poor community, how can those most affected have more influence over the agenda?

Legal mobilization: a critical first step to addressing economic and social rights

By: Shareen Hertel

Legal mobilization for economic and social rights is a critical first step, not the end goal, as India's Right to Food campaign demonstrates.


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