Simten Coşar

Simten Coşar is a visiting professor at the University of Pittsburgh (2020-2021). She has published in English and Turkish on politics in Turkey, intellectual history, feminist politics, and feminist theory.

Simten Coşar University of Pittsburgh, ziyaretçi öğretim üyesi (2020-2021). Türkiye siyaseti, entelektüel tarih, feminist siyaset ve feminist teori üzerine İngilizce ve Türkçe yayınları var.

Espanol |


New regime, new patriarchy: the İstanbul Convention at stake

By: Simten Coşar
Türkçe | Español

The withdrawal decision is the most recent step on the part of the ruling circles in their policy practices against gender equality, mostly based on Islamic moralistic ...




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