Sofia Gruskin

Sofia Gruskin es profesora y directora del Institute on Inequalities in Global Health de la Universidad del Sur de California.

苏菲雅·格鲁斯金为南加州大学全球卫生不平等机构(Institute on Inequalities in Global Health)主任,同时为南加州大学医学院及法学院(Keck School of Medicine and Gould School of Law)教授,推特账号@SofiaGruskin

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This Human Rights Day, the need to affirm the indivisibility of rights has never been greater

By: Jonathan Cohen & Sofia Gruskin

As the COVID-19 pandemic approaches the end of its second year, the importance of reaffirming this principle is clear.

Between progress and backlash: protecting sexual rights and reproductive rights

By: Sofia Gruskin
Español | 简体中文

What value do human rights have for advancing protections related to sexuality in the current moment?



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