Steffen Jensen

Steffen Jensen is a professor at the University of Aalborg and senior researcher at DIGNITY in Copenhagen. He has published on human rights and police violence.

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Gendered juvenile detention in the Philippines

By: Pamela Camacho & Steffen Jensen

In Duterte’s war on drugs, women victims have been largely invisible.

The first line of defense: grassroots activists and protection in Kenya

By: Wangui Kimari & Steffen Jensen & Tobias Kelly & Kari Øygard
Español | Français

Research shows that protection strategies of victims, survivors, and activists are embedded in everyday relationships.

Missing torture amongst the poor

By: Steffen Jensen & Tobias Kelly
Español | Français

Documenting torture has always been problematic, but the experiences of the poor are continually left out of the picture.


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