Tarini Manchanda

Tarini makes films and writes about environmental justice from the perspective of those who are negatively affected by industrial development.

तारिणी मनचंदा एक फिल्म निर्माता हैं, वे पर्यावरण और सामाजिक आंदोलनों के बारे में कहानियां बताती हैं।

ਤਾਰੀਨੀ ਮਨਚੰਦਾ ਇੱਕ ਫ਼ਿਲਮ ਨਿਰਮਾਤਾ ਹੈ, ਉਹ ਵਾਤਾਵਰਣ ਅਤੇ ਸਮਾਜਿਕ ਲਹਿਰਾਂ ਬਾਰੇ ਕਹਾਣੀਆਂ ਸੁਣਾਉਂਦੀ ਹੈ।

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Inaction on ecological contamination finds a market

By: Tarini Manchanda

“We want to live safe lives, and this is how we want to live. We don’t just care for ourselves, we care for the animals.”

Learning from Dalit women fighting for land rights in Punjab

By: Tarini Manchanda
ਪੰਜਾਬੀ | Español | हिन्दी

In Punjab—where about 32% of people are Dalit—Dalit women are fighting for the right to cultivate land, and they are winning.



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