The Datafication Report is a publication borne out of the work that JustLabs has been doing around the future of human rights, which includes the Guide for Foresight in the Social Change Field, and extends into OpenGlobalRights’s coverage of the future, which includes the Future of Human Rights Blog. In this report, under the direction of JustLabs associate Juan Ortiz Freuler, we contextualize and define datafication specifically for the human rights movement. 

"As with any process of change, the final outcome ultimately depends on the balance of power shaping it," Freuler writes. Thus, the degree to which human rights practitioners are capable of understanding the ways in which datafication affects the rights and interests of people, and power relationships at large, is key for an effective defense of human rights in the years to come.

Here are several excerpts which were formatted for OGR and released prior to the publication of the report. The report is now available for free download.