James Savage

James Savage is program director for the Enabling Environment for Human Rights Defenders Program at the Fund for Global Human Rights. His work focuses on civic space issues, including narrative-building. Twitter: @jamesmsavage

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Exploring narrative practices for broad-based movements in contexts of democratic decline

By: Julia Roig & James Savage

The narratives we engage & deploy shape our world. In the face of rising authoritarianism, what stories & tactics drive collaboration within & between movements?

Putting words into action: personal reflections on supporting narrative change

By: James Savage
Español | Français

How aligning principles with practice, addressing the power dynamics of collaboration, and nurturing an ecosystem for narrative power can help narrative work succeed.

Power and safety: rethinking protection for human rights defenders

By: James Savage & Lisa VeneKlasen

The protection and resilience of Human Rights Defenders demands that we all better understand and navigate how power and violence operate in both public and private ...



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