Juana Kweitel

Juana Kweitel is the executive director of Conectas Human Rights.

Juana Kweitel é coordenadora executiva da Conectas Direitos Humanos.

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Why do high-income Brazilians distrust human rights?

By: Alexandre Abdal & Andréa Pineda & Fernando do Amaral Nogueira & Juana Kweitel
Español | Português

The existing rejection and distrust of human rights among high-income Brazilians result mostly from lack of knowledge and reflection, rather than populist or radical ...


What Bolsonaro means for human rights in Brazil

By: Oliver Hudson & Juana Kweitel
Español | Português

Under the leadership of president elect Bolsonaro, Brazil must be poised for increased threats to public security, the environment and democratic space.



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