Juliana Restrepo Sanin

Juliana Restrepo Sanín es becaria postdoctoral en el Centro Sié Chéou-Kang para la Seguridad Internacional y la Diplomacia en la Escuela de Estudios Internacionales Josef Korbel (Universidad de Denver) y la Fundación One Earth Future.

Juliana Restrepo Sanin é pós-doutoranda no Centro Sié Chéou-Kang para Segurança Internacional e Diplomacia da Escola Josef Korbel de Estudos Internacionais (Universidade de Denver) e Fundação One Earth Future.

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Engaging justice amidst inequality in Latin America

By: Lisa Hilbink & Janice Gallagher & Juliana Restrepo Sanin & Valentina Salas
Español | Português

Despite low levels of trust in the justice system, citizens in Chile and Colombia still make legal claims, but marginalized groups opt for informal strategies over ...




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