Kristi Heather Kenyon

Kristi Heather Kenyon is an associate professor in the Human Rights program at the University of Winnipeg’s Global College. Her academic work is informed by a previous career in the human rights and development sectors in Southern Africa and South East Asia.

UKristi Heather Kenyon unguSolwazi eGlobal College ezinze eNyuvesi yaseWinnipeg, ungumcwaningi (phecelezi i-research fellow) eCentre for the Study of Security and Development futhi uyiCIFAR-AZIRELI Scholar.

Kristi Heather Kenyon ke porofesori yo o fa gare wa dithuto tsa Ditshwanelo tsa Setho kwa Yunibesiting ya Winnipeg mo sekolong sa Global College. Tiro ya gagwe e rotloeditswe ke gore a bo a kile a bereka mo dikarolong tsa ditshwanelo tsa setho le tlhabololo ya bone mo kgaolong ya Borwa jwa Aforika le Borwa Botlhaba jwa Asia.

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Relationship-based cosmopolitanism is key to meaningful but messy rights protections

By: Kristi Heather Kenyon
Setswana | Zulu

In practice, no one enjoys “international human rights.” In each of our lives, all rights are local and personal.

Empowering language of rights underlies increasing use in HIV advocacy

By: Kristi Heather Kenyon
Setswana | Zulu

Local HIV activists are expanding human rights discourse into health advocacy, largely due to belief in the empowering impact of rights language, not expectations ...


Building up vs. trickling down: human rights in Southern Africa

By: Kristi Heather Kenyon
Español | Setswana | Zulu

Do we achieve human rights by enacting UN-sanctioned treaties at the legislative level, or at the grassroots level? The history and culture of each country may ...



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