Nelson Camilo Sanchez

Nelson Camilo Sanchez is an assistant professor of law and the Director of the International Human rights Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law.

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Cosmopolitan cities in an illiberal world

By: Nelson Camilo Sanchez

The economic crisis from the pandemic could bring solutions from the global South into global North cities that are less accustomed to confronting such issues.

Holding businesses to account in Latin America

By: Nelson Camilo Sanchez

Colombia and Argentina are taking steps to hold businesses accountable for human rights abuses – will they be effective?

The ICC and negotiated peace: reflections from Colombia

By: Rodrigo Uprimny & Nelson Camilo Sanchez
Español | Français

The Colombian case shows the need for flexibility in balancing the duty to prosecute international crimes with the duty to negotiate an end to the civil war.


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