Pavlina Pavlova

Pavlina Pavlova is a consultant at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), where she works on capacity building programs for human rights defenders. Her research concentration is on the human rights dimension of cybersecurity and questions related to the importance of individual rights for collective security.

Павлина Павлова — специалистка в области прав человека и кибербезопасности, консультирует международные организации и частные компании. Она координирует программы по наращиванию организационного потенциала и тренинги по цифровой безопасности для правозащитников и групп национальных и этнических меньшинств. Ее исследования направлены на изучение значимости прав человека в обеспечении коллективной безопасности.

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How Kazakhstan’s control of information can turn into a regime weakness

By: Pavlina Pavlova
Español | Русский

Network interference and internet shutdowns in the Central-Asian country have become a staple method of stifling the free flow of information during politically ...


Did they crack the code? The importance of encryption for protest movements

By: Pavlina Pavlova

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the shutdowns of online civic space ever more consequential for exercising civil and political rights, and the Belarus protests are ...




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