Christen Dobson

Christen Dobson is a senior project lead and researcher at the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, and she manages the Resource Centre’s work on technology and human rights.


Christen Dobson es directora de programa (Investigación y Política) del International Human Rights Funders Group. También se desempeña actualmente como asesora de la Red Internacional de Fondos de Mujeres.



Christen Dobson ist Projektleiterin und Wissenschaftlerin am Business and Human Rights Resource Centre. Sie ist verantwortlich für die Arbeit des Resource Centre im Bereich Technologie und Menschenrechte.

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Addressing the potential human rights risks of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”

By: Phil Bloomer & Christen Dobson
Español | Deutsch

Technology has the power to free us from drudgery or to decimate livelihoods, and the choices that governments and companies make will often determine the difference.

Putting human rights at the centre of the renewable energy sector

By: Eniko Horvath & Christen Dobson
Español | 简体中文

In our efforts to quickly mitigate the negative impacts of climate change, advocates have a critical opportunity and responsibility to put human rights at the centre ...


Insisting and resisting: women’s funds lead the way for local philanthropy

By: Lucía Carrasco Scherer & Christen Dobson
Español | Français

Women’s funds are gaining increasing recognition at the local and international levels as leading agents of social change.

The state of global human rights philanthropy

By: Christen Dobson & Lucía Carrasco Scherer & Emilienne de León
Español | Français | العربية | Português

Using the first-ever data-driven effort to track global human rights funding, representatives from two major global funding networks based in the U.S. and Mexico ...




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