Phil Bloomer

Phil Bloomer is the Executive Director at the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre. Follow him on Twitter @pbloomer

Phil Bloomer ist Geschäftsführer des Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

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The US can play a role in tackling global corporate abuse

By: Phil Bloomer & Alison Friedmann

The recent declaration of the US Business Roundtable on the purpose of a corporation is a seismic shift and is symbolic of the growing power of the movement to ...


WhatsApp sues NSO Group: is this what it takes to hold surveillance tech to account?

By: Ana Zbona & Phil Bloomer

A lawsuit exposing the use of surveillance software to target human rights defenders shows the urgent need for better regulation.

Addressing the potential human rights risks of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”

By: Phil Bloomer & Christen Dobson
Español | Deutsch

Technology has the power to free us from drudgery or to decimate livelihoods, and the choices that governments and companies make will often determine the difference.

What can Brexit teach us about business and human rights?

By: Phil Bloomer

The economy we have built isn’t the economy that delivers shared prosperity and shared security for the majority. The business and human rights movement has a fundamental ...




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