Dahlia Scheindlin

Dahlia Scheindlin is an international public opinion analyst and strategic consultant based in Tel Aviv, specializing in progressive causes and political and social campaigns. She has expertise in Israel, Eastern Europe, and the Balkans.

דליה שיינדלין היא מומחית בינלאומית בתחום מחקרי דעת קהל ויועצת אסטרטגית מתל אביב, המתמחה במאבקים פרוגרסיביים ובקמפיינים פוליטיים וחברתיים. תחומי המומחיות שלה הם ישראל, מזרח אירופה והבלקן.

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Human rights and public opinion in Israel: anger vs. pragmatism

By: Dahlia Scheindlin
Español | עברית | العربية

In Israel, public support for the term, “human rights,” is falling; support for actual human rights policies, however, is strong.

Why some human rights groups avoid public opinion research—and why they’re wrong

By: Dahlia Scheindlin
Español | Français

There are many reasons to avoid public opinion research, but there are even more reasons to invest in it.

Strategic, data-driven human rights advocacy: the Israeli experience

By: Dahlia Scheindlin

Winning the public’s trust requires that NGOs be open to understanding, and respecting, the public’s perspectives.

In Israel, public opinion matters more when it’s against you

By: Dahlia Scheindlin
Español | العربية | עברית

Backed into a corner, Israeli human rights groups are trying to better understand and utilize public opinion.

In Israel, implementing human rights feels wrong

By: Dahlia Scheindlin
Español | עברית | العربية

Polls indicate that Jewish Israelis generally support the concept of human rights, but are less supportive of Israeli human rights organizations – especially those ...


Strategic choices facing Israeli rights group during the current war

By: Dahlia Scheindlin
עברית | العربية | Español | Français

How should Israeli rights groups respond to this new war, and to the hatred many Jewish Israelis feel towards them and their work?


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