Ignacio Saiz

Ignacio Saiz est directeur exécutif du Centre pour les droits économiques et sociaux et ancien directeur de la politique du secrétariat international d’Amnesty International.

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Global protests demand human rights actors tackle economic injustice

November 26, 2019
By: Ignacio Saiz
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Human rights advocates should be as concerned with the economic injustices giving rise to recent worldwide ...


Rising inequality is a wake-up call for human rights

May 29, 2018
By: Ignacio Saiz

The challenges that economic inequality poses for human rights are not the death knell for the movement ...


Tackling inequality as injustice: four challenges for the human rights agenda

March 30, 2016
By: Gaby Oré Aguilar & Ignacio Saiz
Español | Français

Human rights can help confront economic inequality, but four conceptual, normative, strategic and methodological ...


Transforming the development agenda requires more, not less, attention to human rights

September 15, 2014
By: Radhika Balakrishnan & Ignacio Saiz

The UN General Assembly later this month will begin negotiations over the content of the Sustainable ...


Human rights and social justice: the in(di)visible link

July 3, 2013
By: Ignacio Saiz & Alicia Ely Yamin

The distinction that Aryeh Neier draws between human rights and social justice is premised on a limited ...