Joel R. Pruce

Joel R. Pruce is an assistant professor of human rights studies at the University of Dayton and author of The Mass Appeal of Human Rights (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018). Joel also directs the Moral Courage Project, an initiative of the University of Dayton Human Rights Center that produced “Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame,” an interactive website, traveling exhibit, and limited series podcast.

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With nationalism rising, do global human rights still have mass appeal?

By: Joel R. Pruce

Caring about the rights of distant others was once fashionable but, as walls go up and societies retract, global citizen engagement may well be the next victim ...


Research offers tough love to improve human rights practices

By: Joel R. Pruce
Français | العربية | Español

In human rights work, practicing the same habits does not guarantee improvement over time.

Myth-busting human rights awareness

By: Joel R. Pruce

Broad public support for human rights is a false front—not a mass movement but a loosely bound herd.

Human rights are revolutionary—in principle not practice

By: Joel R. Pruce
Español | Français

The practice of human rights is utterly inconsistent with the subversive backbone expressed in its norms, and this tension presents problems for the movement.



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