Shelley Inglis

Shelley Inglis is the former executive director of the Human Rights Center, research professor at the University of Dayton, and a UN policy advisor.

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Decolonizing the narrative around constitutions, personal laws, and women’s rights

By: Satang Nabaneh & Shelley Inglis & Lee Waldorf

Many constitutions contain what are known as “clawback clauses,” which exempt personal law from their guarantees of nondiscrimination.

Revitalizing the UN human rights treaty bodies through regionalization

By: Marcia V. J. Kran & Shelley Inglis

Five reasons why the proposal to regionalize treaty body meetings would work.

UN Human Rights recommendations key to US post-election era

By: Joshua Cooper & Shelley Inglis & Joel R. Pruce

A genuine step for the Biden-Harris administration would be to formally establish a standing coordination mechanism across all relevant parts of the US government ...


Educating the next generation of human rights practitioners

By: Shelley Inglis

What is needed to prepare a new generation of human rights practitioners to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow? What does a new human rights practitioner ...




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