Joshua Cooper

Joshua Cooper es profesor en la Universidad de Hawái, dirige el Hawai’i Institute for Human Rights y es copresidente del Grupo de Trabajo para el Examen Periódico Universal de la US Human Rights Network.

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UN Human Rights recommendations key to US post-election era

By: Joshua Cooper & Shelley Inglis & Joel R. Pruce

A genuine step for the Biden-Harris administration would be to formally establish a standing coordination mechanism across all relevant parts of the US government ...


Putting people at the heart of the human rights treaty body system

By: Ashley Bowe & Joshua Cooper

Samoa held a ground-breaking treaty body session on child rights, evidencing the benefits of extending these sessions beyond Geneva.

Bringing human rights home: new strategies for local organizing

By: Jackie Smith & Joshua Cooper

Declining economic conditions in cities and communities around the world have inspired more people to organize locally to defend and promote our “right to the city.”


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