Katrin Kinzelbach

Katrin Kinzelbach is a professor at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) where she teaches international politics of human rights, and co-directs an interdisciplinary MA Human Rights program.

珂萃·金策巴赫(Katrin Kinzelbach),德国埃尔朗根-纽伦堡大学教授,主讲国际人权政治学,同时主管一个跨学科人权硕士项目。

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Fighting for rights in the streets—not just the courts—of Hong Kong

By: Katrin Kinzelbach & Eva Pils
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The Hong Kong protest movement has long given up hope that Hong Kong’s rule of law can be protected ...


Better data can counteract soft repression

By: Katrin Kinzelbach & Janika Spannagel
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Changing the way we document human rights abuses—such as paying more attention to soft repression—could ...