Lucas Paulson

Lucas Paulson es escritor, facilitador y colaborador creativo que apoya a grupos que trabajan por la justicia social y climática. Es coordinador de proyectos para Spring y también ha trabajado con OpenGlobalRights y JustLabs, en donde escribió Narrative Spices: An invitational guide for flavorful human rights.

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Seizing the moment to shake up philanthropy

By: Liliane Loya & Ellen Sprenger & Lucas Paulson

Five trends that are reorganizing the way funding agencies can work for philanthropic causes.

Narrative practice: moving from recipes to spices

By: Lucas Paulson

The invitation at the heart of "Narrative Spices" isn’t about specific strategies or approaches, but about cultivating habits that enable curiosity, exploration, ...


When your oven breaks: new recipes from virtual workshops

By: Ishtar Lakhani & Lucas Paulson
Español | Français

Online spaces offer new opportunities to support creative experimentation in human rights work—but taking them seriously doesn’t have to mean being too serious.


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