The Narrative Hub

JustLabs and the Fund for Global Human Rights

The Narrative Hub is an initiative launched jointly by JustLabs and the Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR) that creates space, funding, and support to integrate narrative ideas and research into human rights work around the world. 

Advancing human rights in a world transformed by populism and other existential challenges requires rethinking how human rights organizations relate to, communicate with, and exist within the communities they work with and are a part of. The Narrative Hub is an effort to bring these ideas to life. The following articles and resources provide reflections, lessons, and learnings from and for this work.


Putting words into action: personal reflections on supporting narrative change

By: James Savage
Español | Français

How aligning principles with practice, addressing the power dynamics of collaboration, and nurturing an ecosystem for narrative power can help narrative work succeed.

When your oven breaks: new recipes from virtual workshops

By: Ishtar Lakhani & Lucas Paulson
Español | Français

Online spaces offer new opportunities to support creative experimentation in human rights work—but taking them seriously doesn’t have to mean being too serious.

Finding meaning in organizational reflection

By: Sean Luna McAdams
Español | Français

If true reflection is a process and a habit then we, human rights practitioners and funders, need to focus less on the output (a written report) and more on the ...

How can the human rights community respond to severe political polarization?

By: James Logan
Español | Français

Severe political polarization is tearing at the seams of democracies around the world, with dangerous consequences for our societies, institutions, and human rights.

Be the narrative: How embracing new narratives can revolutionize what it means to do human rights

By: Krizna Gomez & Thomas Coombes
Español | Français | العربية

An experimental, hands-on narrative change initiative shows how even small civil society organizations can wield pragmatic, activity-based narrative strategies ...

New year, new human rights narratives?

By: James Logan

Within the human rights community, there is a growing enthusiasm for new narratives to build public support for human rights. But creating a new narrative is about ...

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