The Narrative Hub

The Narrative Hub was an initiative launched jointly by JustLabs and the Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR) to create space, funding, and support to integrate narrative ideas and research into human rights work around the world. 

For several years, we worked with teams in Venezuela, Hungary, Mexico, and Australia to explore research on narratives, imagine creative changes in their practice, and experiment with bringing those ideas to life.


Through this process of experimentation, we came to think about the question of narrative change differently. Changing narratives out in the world, we argue, is not just a matter of defining better narrative recipes, but of nurturing creativity and reflection in the cooks themselves.

Narrative Spices: an invitational guide for flavorful human rights tells the story of this initiative. Rather than offering recipes for new narratives, this guide invites people working for social change to reflect on and play with the flavors they use and their own habits in the human rights kitchen. Rooted in the experimental work of the different teams, this document offers six “spice blends” that invite practitioners to ask: what’s in my spice box for social change? 

Happy cooking!


An invitational guide

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For more reflections, lessons, and learnings from and for this work, see the articles below.