Emese Ilyes

Emese Ilyes (@EmeseIlyes) is a critical social psychologist, participatory action researcher at the Bernstein Institute of Human Rights at NYU, and educator at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. A Székely Hungarian born in Romania, she has witnessed and now studies the way systems of harm are braided together, shape lives, and are contested and challenged by communities. In her work and her life, she is committed to a path toward collective liberation that centers those most directly affected.

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Mutual aid sustains human rights movements around the world

By: Antonio Gutierrez & Felipe Mesel & Emese Ilyes & Melania Chiponda

In both Latin America and in North America mutual aid movements swelled in response to the collective trauma and collective learning of the pandemic.

Lessons for the rights movement in constructing a collective reality

By: Melania Chiponda & Emese Ilyes
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Respect for human rights should be founded on recognizing and honoring differences.



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