Shannon N. Green

Shannon N. Green is director and senior fellow of the Human Rights Initiative at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Prior to joining CSIS, Ms. Green was senior director for global engagement on the National Security Council staff.

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Violent groups aggravate government crackdowns on civil society

By: Shannon N. Green

Armed non-state actors, criminal elements and violent extremists—not just governments—are responsible for the increasing crackdown on civil society.

Introducing openGlobalRights’ newest debate: ‘closing space for civil society’ – analyzing the drivers and responses

By: Shannon N. Green & Archana Pandya

Civil society organizations (CSOs) worldwide are under significant pressure. Questions abound about whether current trends indicate a permanent setback for civil ...


Adapt or perish: the new normal for civil society

By: Shannon N. Green

As space for civil society closes, donors and civil society leaders are realizing they cannot take public support for granted.


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