Koldo Casla

Koldo Casla (@koldo_casla) is a human rights law and policy analyst who works for Just Fair (@JustFairUK), an organisation that monitors and advocates economic and social rights in the UK.

Koldo Casla (@koldo_casla) es analista de derecho y políticas sobre derechos humanos y trabaja para Just Fair (@JustFairUK), una organización dedicada a la promoción y al análisis de los derechos económicos y sociales en el Reino Unido.



Evicted rights in Spain: no room of one’s own

June 7, 2017
By: Koldo Casla

Thousands of people are being evicted in Spain due to austerity measures, and women are disproportionately affected by structural inequality.

The UK government cannot reconcile austerity measures with human rights

July 20, 2016
By: Jamie Burton & Alice Donald & Koldo Casla

UK governments have claimed austerity measures are necessary while ignoring the disproportionate adverse effects on marginalized groups.