Koldo Casla

Koldo Casla (@koldo_casla) is a human rights law and policy analyst who works for Just Fair (@JustFairUK), an organisation that monitors and advocates economic and social rights in the UK.

Koldo Casla (@koldo_casla) es analista de derecho y políticas sobre derechos humanos y trabaja para Just Fair (@JustFairUK), una organización dedicada a la promoción y al análisis de los derechos económicos y sociales en el Reino Unido.



Evicted rights in Spain: no room of one’s own

June 7, 2017
BY: Koldo Casla

Thousands of people are being evicted in Spain due to austerity measures, ...

The UK government cannot reconcile austerity measures with human rights

July 20, 2016
BY: Jamie Burton & Alice Donald & Koldo Casla

UK governments have claimed austerity measures are necessary while ignoring ...

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