Meg Satterthwaite

Meg Satterthwaite is the United Nations special rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers.

Margaret Satterthwaite se yon Pwofesè Pratik Jiridik ak Direktris Global Justice Clinic at NYU School of Law, kote l ap travay tou kòm Direktris nan Robert L. Bernstein Institute for Human Rights (Enstiti Robert L. Bernstein pou Dwa Moun) epi nan Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ) (Sant pou Dwa Moun ak Jistis Mondyal). 

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Democratizing justice in an era of populist ascent

By: Meg Satterthwaite & Katarina Sydow

When autocrats undermine justice systems, democratizing the courts can help build back trust.

Participatory baseline water study improves scientific data and strengthens community power

By: Ellie Happel & Beth Hoagland & Olriche Jean Pierre & Tess Russo
Español | Kreyòl

An interdisciplinary research team conducted the first community-owned baseline study on water in an area included in a mining permit in northern Haiti.

Critical legal empowerment for human rights

By: Meg Satterthwaite

Human rights advocates should become reliable partners to movements led by the communities experiencing grave rights deprivations.

Solidarity in the fight for justice: partnerships to oppose extractivism in Haiti

By: Nixon Boumba & Meg Satterthwaite
Español | Français | Kreyòl

Can activists in Haiti and American-based law students and professors create trust, honesty, and a commitment to equality in radically unequal conditions?

In a world of radical inequality, solidarity is a cornerstone of justice

By: Meg Satterthwaite
Español | Français | Kreyòl

Can a human rights clinic, based at a well-resourced law school in the United States, stand in solidarity with activists in the global South?

New and inclusive measuring needed for SDG promise of access to justice for all

By: Sukti Dhital & Meg Satterthwaite
Español | Français

SDG 16 promises access to justice for all, but current plans for measuring progress are far too limited. There are opportunities in 2019 to change this.

Evidence of trauma: the impact of human rights work on advocates

By: Meg Satterthwaite
Español | Français

It’s time to think seriously about the effects of trauma on human rights activists.

Human rights data used the wrong way can be misleading

By: Meg Satterthwaite

While data is important for human rights advocacy, the risks of misleading people are also very real and advocates must insist on rigor.



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