Marc Limon

Marc Limon is Executive Director of the Geneva-based Universal Rights Group.

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Is UN Secretary-General António Guterres committed to human rights?

By: Marc Limon

Much of the criticism of UN SG Guterres for his “silence” on human rights is misplaced—he is rather ...


US loses patience with Human Rights Council reforms

By: Marc Limon

The US said it quit the UN Human Rights Council because it couldn’t reform it – but though others share ...


Is being the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights an Impossible Job?

By: Marc Limon

Perhaps the role of High Commissioner for Human Rights is not do-able after all. Would splitting the ...


The world is marching towards—not away from—universal human rights

By: Marc Limon

Despite pessimism about the future of human rights, data on treaty ratification and reservations suggest ...


Mapping global business opinions on human rights

By: Marc Limon

A global survey of over 800 corporate leaders shows overwhelming recognition that companies must respect ...


Human rights mainstreaming in climate change policy: a glass half full

By: Marc Limon
Español | Français

The UN’s human rights bodies can’t solve the problem of climate change – but that doesn’t mean they ...


The Human Rights Council at 10: too much talk, too little action?

By: Marc Limon & Subhas Gujadhur

There is lots of talk about human rights at the UN Human Rights Council, but too little attention to ...


UN strategy to combat religious intolerance - is it fit for purpose?

By: Marc Limon & Nazila Ghanea & Hilary Power
Español | العربية

As religious intolerance and discrimination increase, is the UN’s current strategic response – as set ...