Cross-cutting approaches to human rights

In 2019, Occidental College’s Young Initiative on the Global Political Economy partnered with the division of Social Sciences at Arizona State University and USC’s Institute on Inequalities in Global Health to hold a workshop on interdisciplinarity, intersectionality, and indivisibility in global human rights work.

As described in this video, the workshop featured scholars and practitioners representing all regions of the world and multiple disciplines and perspectives. This resulted in intense discussions on key themes essential to envisioning how human rights must evolve given the linked crises in global governance and the rise of global xenophobia. 

The following articles and videos are published as part of a partnership between the organizers of this workshop and OpenGlobalRights. They center around three key themes that Workshop participants identified as central: sexuality, sexual rights, and reproductive rights; feminism and the “triple bind”; and cosmopolitanism and sub-state actors.


Sexuality, Sexual Rights, and Reproductive Rights

Curator: Sofia Gruskin, Institute on Inequalities in Global Health, USC

How can human rights—including, but not limited to international human rights law—serve as a meaningful counterweight to the regressive trends around sexuality, sexual rights, and reproductive rights that are sweeping the globe?