Women, peace, and security

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Can action coalitions advance the gender equality agenda?

By: Mmabatho Motsamai & Carol Werunga & Jean Kemitare
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The Kenyan government has illustrated the critical role of Action Coalitions as the co-lead of the Action Coalition on Gender-Based Violence.

At the UN, states and anti-rights actors join forces to push back against gender justice

By: Umyra Ahmad
Español | Français

At the latest Human Rights Council session, anti-rights language started making its way into some resolutions under discussion.

Land grabs in Haiti sow climate vulnerability and violence against women

By: María Alejandra Torres García
Español | Kreyòl

Land grabs in Haiti cause women to further suffer violations of environmental and women’s rights and exacerbate climate vulnerability.

Lessons and consequences of the failure to regulate AI for women’s human rights

By: Ramona Vijeyarasa & José-Miguel Bello y Villarino

The current absence of adequate regulation by states to protect human rights from the deployment of AI systems is, in itself, a violation of human rights.

Rethinking the accountability of funders

By: Tariro Tandi & Immaculate Mugo
Español | Français

Funders must rethink their principles and practices to ensure that they operate on participation, trust, and mutual understanding instead of power and privilege.

“Sitting with the Grief of Survivors”: embracing collegiality in human rights scholarship

By: Laura T. Murphy

When human rights scholars engage survivors as colleagues, we avoid traps of voyeurism and engage with them not just for evidence of their oppression, but for their ...

To prevent violence against women, we must move away from victim-based responses

By: Chay Brown

Bottom-up, participatory processes can harness place-based expertise and fundamentally shift the way we respond to violence against women.

The forgotten origins of “Women’s Rights are Human Rights”

By: Lisa Levenstein

Without the ingenuity of feminists from the Global South and networks of committed activists on every continent, we would never have heard the phrase: “Women’s ...

Digital activism: empowering women, creating change and demanding human rights

By: Sunita Toor

Movements like #MeToo demonstrate the power of solidarity and collective digital action, but they also reveal that feminist activism is not a monolithic movement ...

Protesting the preamble: the UN Security Council and the dilution of feminist activism

By: Gina Heathcote

Preambles to UNSC resolutions on women, peace, and security only serve to make feminist politics amenable to the larger militarised agenda of the Security Council.

Yes, women’s sexual and reproductive health should matter to the UN Security Council

By: Sara De Vido

The failure of the UNSC to explicitly guarantee women’s rights to sexual and reproductive health reinforces a patriarchal governance system that is inherently harmful ...

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