Emerging Powers and Human Rights

In our first discussion our contributors evaluated the stance that newly powerful states take towards human rights. 

Twilight or dark glasses? A reply to Eric Posner

December 23, 2014
BY: Beth A. Simmons
Français | Español

Eric Posner argues that the proliferation of human rights norms is essentially ...

The twilight of human rights law

November 25, 2014
BY: Eric Posner
Español | العربية | Français

The international human rights regime is too expansive in scope and feeble ...

Yes, economic and social rights really are human rights

August 8, 2014
BY: Stanley Ibe

The argument that socio-economic rights are not “real” human rights is ...

Does social justice work against human rights?

June 5, 2014
BY: Pedro R. Pizano

Social and economic rights are laudable goals, but qualifying them as ...

Can we decolonise human rights?

August 21, 2013
BY: José-Manuel Barreto

"Who defines the concept of human rights?" Stephen Hopgood asks. The answer ...

Misunderstanding the mass politics of the rights mission

August 14, 2013
BY: Jack Snyder

The problem with Aryeh Neier’s argument is that, historically, there has ...

It begins and ends with power

August 6, 2013
BY: Stephen Hopgood

The author acknowledges his supporters, but he answers his critics. (See ...

Against reductionist views of human rights

July 30, 2013
BY: César Rodríguez-Garavito

César Rodríguez-Garavito responds to Stephen Hopgood and Aryeh Neier, ...

Human rights are also about social justice

July 25, 2013
BY: Margot Salomon

Drawing on the central practices and aims of a traditional human rights ...

Misunderstanding our mission

July 23, 2013
BY: Aryeh Neier

The founder of Human Rights Watch tells Stephen Hopgood and James Ron ...

Human rights and social justice: the in(di)visible link

July 3, 2013
BY: Ignacio Saiz & Alicia Ely Yamin

The distinction that Aryeh Neier draws between human rights and social ...

New powers won’t play by old rules

June 24, 2013
BY: David Petrasek

Expecting new global powers to promote human rights abroad via the United ...

Encouraging stronger engagement by emerging powers on human rights

June 20, 2013
BY: Kenneth Roth & Peggy Hicks
Español | العربية | Português

Resentment of the west is making emerging powers hold back when they could ...

Human rights in the vernacular

June 19, 2013
BY: Jack Snyder
Español | العربية

The road to greater ownership of human rights by emerging powers is a ...

Human rights: past their sell-by date

June 18, 2013
BY: Stephen Hopgood
Español | العربية

It is activists, not states who will make a difference in future. But ...

The struggle for a truly grassroots human rights movement

June 18, 2013
BY: James Ron & David Crow & Shannon Golden
Español | Français | العربية | Português | Türkçe

Using cutting-edge human rights perception polls, the authors explore ...

Challenges and opportunities in a changing world

June 17, 2013
BY: Salil Shetty
Español | العربية

Emerging powers are starting to wield some clout on global rights but ...