Economic Inequality

Photo:Shutterstock/Donatas Dabravolskas (All rights reserved)

Photo: Shutterstock/Donatas Dabravolskas (All rights reserved)

Can human rights make a difference?

Extreme inequality is one of the defining issues of our time, with the gap between rich and poor widening across the globe. But while economic inequality has become a prominent issue on the international development agenda, as well as in national political debates in many countries, the human rights community has barely begun to address its implications for the full range of human rights. This oGR debate will explore the consequences for human rights of rising wealth and income inequality. How can the human rights framework help to understand its causes, as well as to push for more appropriate policy responses? What obstacles and blind-spots must the human rights community confront if human rights are to be a more effective agenda for equality in the socio-economic sphere?

Collaborating editors: Ignacio Saiz and Gaby Oré Aguilar
at the Centre for Economic and Social Rights




New strategies for tackling inequality with human rights

May 25, 2017
BY: Martín Abregú

To confront inequality, the Ford Foundation is harnessing the human rights ...

Tackling inequality: the potential of the Sustainable Development Goals

March 2, 2017
BY: Kate Donald 

Sustainable Development Goal 10 on reducing inequality will require profound ...

Tackling economic inequality with the right to non-discrimination

October 25, 2016
BY: David Barrett

Inequality may be compatible with human rights, but not if it violates ...

Inequality, business and human rights: the new frontier?

October 11, 2016
BY: Uwe Gneiting 

Despite the growing urgency to address inequality, the business and human ...

Phantom rights: the systemic marginalization of economic and social rights

August 4, 2016
BY: Philip Alston

Neither the UN nor civil society is doing much about the deep resistance ...

The vicious spiral of economic inequality and financial crises

May 12, 2016
BY: Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky 

There is compelling evidence that economic inequality is both a result ...

Who will take the lead on economic inequality, and who should?

May 5, 2016
BY: Chris Albin-Lackey

Human rights lack the best language and tools to describe and solve inequality’s ...

How to get inequality on the global policy agenda

April 26, 2016
BY: Leonard Seabrooke & Duncan Wigan

The Panama Papers give NGOs a prime opportunity to talk about inequality. ...

Everyone does better when everyone does better

April 14, 2016
BY: Savio Carvalho

For long-term social and economic stability, investments into increased ...

Tackling inequality as injustice: four challenges for the human rights agenda

March 30, 2016
BY: Gaby Oré Aguilar & Ignacio Saiz

Human rights can help confront economic inequality, but four conceptual, ...

Inequality is more than just a problem for developing countries

March 14, 2016
BY: Todd Landman 

Advanced economies are also experiencing persistent and increasing inequality, ...

Inequality, human dignity and the power of unions

February 18, 2016
BY: Sergio Chaparro Hernández

Why does progress on equity and human rights depend more on workers’ organization ...

What does Zika have to do with inequality? Everything.

February 9, 2016
BY: Rachel Schmidt

Women’s rights advocates are using fears around Zika to fight for better ...

Human rights and the age of inequality

October 27, 2015
BY: Samuel Moyn

The human rights regime and movement are simply not equipped to challenge ...

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