Economic Inequality

Photo:Shutterstock/Donatas Dabravolskas (All rights reserved)

Photo: Shutterstock/Donatas Dabravolskas (All rights reserved)

Can human rights make a difference?

Extreme inequality is one of the defining issues of our time, with the gap between rich and poor widening across the globe. But while economic inequality has become a prominent issue on the international development agenda, as well as in national political debates in many countries, the human rights community has barely begun to address its implications for the full range of human rights. This oGR debate will explore the consequences for human rights of rising wealth and income inequality. How can the human rights framework help to understand its causes, as well as to push for more appropriate policy responses? What obstacles and blind-spots must the human rights community confront if human rights are to be a more effective agenda for equality in the socio-economic sphere?

Collaborating editors: Ignacio Saiz and Gaby Oré Aguilar
at the Centre for Economic and Social Rights




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