Articles that focus on or discuss Eastern European countries and/or Russia

As NGOs speak out, expect clampdowns to grow

December 6, 2017
BY: David Kode

Governments from Uganda to Poland are silencing activists and organizations ...

Indigenous rights in the Russian Arctic: self-determining communities or stakeholders?

October 11, 2017
BY: Laura A. Henry

When indigenous rights are not observed, communities that shift their ...

When advocacy work builds resilience, everyone benefits

May 11, 2017
BY: Kristi Pinderi

For many, activism can be healthy and healing.

Discrimination in action: the value of experiments in human rights

May 5, 2017
BY: Ana Bracic

A video game experiment in Slovenia reveals discriminatory practices against ...

Crowdfunding to bypass Russia’s civil society crackdown

March 21, 2017
BY: Grigory Okhotin

With heightened restrictions on foreign funding, reporting on the Russian ...

Fast and flexible support: ingredients to enrich LGBTI campaigning

November 4, 2016
BY: Laura Piazza

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to campaigning for today’s LGBTI ...

Closing space in Hungary with a Russian cookbook

October 28, 2016
BY: Péter Krekó

Hungary is using Russia’s playbook to close down civil society space, ...

In southeastern Europe, data helps bolster LGBTI rights

July 11, 2016
BY: Marko Ivkovic 

Using polling data, the National Democratic Institute is helping LGBTI ...

Crisis in Europe exposes failing refugee protection regime

May 11, 2016
BY: John Torpey

The refugee protection regime works if it remains limited to those genuinely ...

Local funding is not just an option anymore—it’s an imperative

May 10, 2016
BY: Jenny Hodgson

As local rights groups seek alternative funding sources, the closing space ...

Civil society in the post-Soviet space: fighting for the “End of History”

April 20, 2016
BY: Orysia Lutsevych 

“Partly free” countries in the post-Soviet space must fight even harder ...

Building community around women’s rights: feminist philanthropy in Serbia

March 11, 2016
BY: Zoe Gudovic

Becoming agents of change for women’s rights in Serbian society requires ...

Grounds for (a little) optimism? Russian public opinion on human rights

January 18, 2016
BY: Theodore P. Gerber 

Despite Putin’s clampdown on Russian civil society, public opinion trends ...

Does it matter when polls go wrong?

June 29, 2015
BY: Kathy Frankovic 

When political polls go wrong, many people start to doubt polling entirely. ...

Long before “internationalization”: Human Rights Watch and local collaborations in Russia

January 22, 2015
BY: Tanya Lokshina

Despite a hostile climate and many different challenges, the collaborations ...