Articles that focus on or discuss Western European countries

Irish Traveller communities in Cork monitor and campaign for social rights

October 25, 2018
BY: Koldo Casla

Traveller communities in Ireland are using international human rights ...

The privilege of remedy: how accessible is the ECtHR?

October 2, 2018
BY: Leyla-Denisa Obreja

The European Court of Human Rights is supposed to help victims of rights ...

Protecting environmental defenders should be a central issue at climate talks

October 31, 2017
BY: Katharina Rall
Español | Français | العربية

As attacks on environmental rights defenders escalate, the stakes are ...

The Achilles’ heel of the European Court of Human Rights

October 27, 2017
BY: Sergei Golubok

The whole European system of human rights protection is powerless when ...

Evicted rights in Spain: no room of one’s own

June 7, 2017
BY: Koldo Casla

Thousands of people are being evicted in Spain due to austerity measures, ...

An elusive justice—holding parent companies accountable for human rights abuse

February 14, 2017
BY: Joe Westby

A UK judgement on Shell’s operations in Nigeria yet again shows the need ...

Tackling economic inequality with the right to non-discrimination

October 25, 2016
BY: David Barrett

Inequality may be compatible with human rights, but not if it violates ...

What can Brexit teach us about business and human rights?

July 21, 2016
BY: Phil Bloomer

The economy we have built isn’t the economy that delivers shared prosperity ...

The UK government cannot reconcile austerity measures with human rights

July 20, 2016
BY: Jamie Burton & Alice Donald & Koldo Casla

UK governments have claimed austerity measures are necessary while ignoring ...

Brexit and human rights: winter is coming

June 29, 2016
BY: Stephen Hopgood

Given the toxic politics of Farage, Johnson, Le Pen and Trump, will human ...

Now more than ever the UK needs the compass of human rights

June 28, 2016
BY: Benjamin Ward

It is in uncertain times—like the aftermath of the Brexit vote—that we ...

Migrants are driving innovative campaigns for female refugees in Germany

May 23, 2016
BY: Claudia Bollwinkel

Activists are using a multi-van in Germany to help female refugees cope ...

The struggle for sans-papiers human rights

March 15, 2016
BY: Upendra Baxi

Protecting the rights of refugees and migrants requires a response based ...

“Small places, close to home”: successful communication on human rights

September 15, 2015
BY: Neil Crowther
Español | Français

Effective counter-framing is crucial to improve public opinion on human ...

Research-based messaging changes public support for human rights

July 3, 2015
BY: Rachel Krys
Español | Français

Amidst widespread negative views on human rights in the UK, public opinion ...