Articles that focus on or disucss East and Southeast Asian countries

Using the UN to advance LGBT rights in China

November 6, 2018
BY: Yanzi Peng

China’s engagement in UN human rights reviews provides real opportunities ...

Malaysia’s punishment of lesbian couple highlights OIC rejection of LGBTQ rights

October 3, 2018
BY: Robert C. Blitt

Malaysia’s recent caning of a homosexual couple reflects a larger problem ...

The activist balance: being both globally connected and locally rooted

February 20, 2018
BY: Urantsooj Gombosuren & Marte Hellema

In the volatility in Asia's human rights situations, can rights defenders ...

Protecting human rights defenders in Asia: using networks to fill the gaps

December 13, 2017
BY: Lorenzo Urbinati & Sejin Kim

Data on human rights violations in Asia proves the need to establish a ...

Religious rights advocacy won’t save the Rohingya—but what will?

December 7, 2017
BY: Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

To insist on the Rohingya status as a victimized religious minority while ...

Climate change exacerbates gender inequality, putting women’s health at risk

November 6, 2017
BY: Hwei Mian Lim

Climate change takes a higher toll on women than on men. Women’s health ...

Losing the battle for hearts and minds

October 10, 2017
BY: Stephen Hopgood

The battle for human rights—as seen in the treatment of Rohingya Muslims ...

Indonesia at a threshold: reinventing the human rights movement

August 30, 2017
BY: Julius Ibrani & Marte Hellema

Combined with growing fundamentalism and sectarianism, Indonesia once ...

‘If I lose my freedom’: preemptive resistance to forced confessions in China

June 13, 2017
BY: Michael Caster

Human rights defenders in China are increasingly using pre-recorded statements ...

To strengthen digital security for human rights defenders, behavior matters

May 9, 2017
BY: Michael Caster
简体中文 | Español

When approaching digital security for human rights defenders in hostile ...

Engage when we can, confront when we must

April 26, 2017
BY: Navaz Kotwal

Indian human rights workers do not want to engage with the police, but ...

Engagement versus endorsement: Western universities in China

April 25, 2017
BY: Robert Edward Precht

The presence of Western universities in China is on the rise, but they ...

Taking the battle for civic space online

March 23, 2017
BY: Marte Hellema

As online spaces become increasingly restricted, human rights activists ...

To change torture practices, we must change the entire system

March 15, 2017
BY: Kiran Grewal

Preventing torture goes beyond understanding individuals—it requires changing ...

Could volunteer-based CSOs be a model for practicing human rights in China?

February 22, 2017
BY: Hou Ping
Español | 简体中文

In China, new laws make fundraising even harder, but the LGBTQ community ...

State-owned enterprises in China could be an entry point for human rights

December 6, 2016
BY: Qian Cheng

To make headway on human rights in China, advocates need to get creative ...

ICC will investigate environmental destruction as well as war crimes

October 19, 2016
BY: Richard J. Rogers 

The ICC is now prioritizing crimes involving environmental destruction ...

Dogs, pigs, and human rights: South Korea’s uproar

September 27, 2016
BY: Jeong-Woo Koo 

A recent political uproar in South Korea has exacerbated the public’s ...

In Asia, freedom of speech is critical in the fight for human rights

July 25, 2016
BY: Henri Tiphagne & Marte Hellema

Protecting freedom of speech, assembly and association in Asia is the ...

Self-interest argument for refugee admission backfires in Japan

June 15, 2016
BY: Saul J. Takahashi

Japan fails to protect refugees—but arguing it should do so because its ...

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: a missed opportunity for civil society?

June 6, 2016
BY: Mark Aspinwall

Civil society could have played a key role in the Trans-Pacific Partnership—why ...

Cambodian trials offer important lessons

February 13, 2016
BY: James A. Goldston

The trials in a special, internationally-backed Court in Cambodia of Khmer ...

Making the ASEAN Economic Community human rights-friendly

January 28, 2016
BY: Haris Azhar

The ASEAN Economic Community should insert human rights rules into its ...

Getting creative with local resource mobilization in Hong Kong

January 20, 2016
BY: Linda To

To get funding amidst intense non-profit competition in Hong Kong, human ...

Mongolia’s economic crisis: an end to corporate social responsibility?

December 3, 2015
BY: Bolor Legjeem

Despite an economic crisis, some Mongolian companies still respond to ...

In Myanmar, polls are the beginning of a larger conversation

August 10, 2015
BY: Kathy Frankovic 

Many activists in Myanmar (Burma) are very skeptical of public opinion ...

Public opinion on human rights is the true gauge of progress

July 3, 2015
BY: Jeong-Woo Koo 
Español | 한국어

External, “objective” measures of South Korea’s human rights progress ...

Do-It-Yourself-Aid: alternative funding sources for rights work?

April 21, 2015
BY: Anne Meike Fetcher

Is “Do-It-Yourself-Aid” the answer to funding rights work? Anne-Meike ...

Religion as a political game: rising intolerance in Indonesia

December 1, 2014
BY: Ahmad Sueady

Indonesia’s rising religious intolerance stems from a political pact struck ...

Indonesia’s growing religious intolerance

November 26, 2014
BY: Phelim Kine

Although Indonesia has long been seen as a religiously moderate country, ...

Human rights abuse in Burma and the role of Buddhist nationalism

April 16, 2014
BY: Wai Yan Phone 
ภาษาไทย | မြန်မာဘာသာ

Myanmar is taking significant strides towards political and economic liberalization ...

Now is the time to invest in China’s nascent rights groups

November 15, 2013
BY: William Nee

Even as China grows in wealth, it has yet to fully develop a culture of ...