Articles that focus on or discuss Middle Eastern and/or North African countries

Litigating rights under occupation

March 12, 2019
BY: Jessica Montell
Español | עברית | العربية

Israeli occupation is the root cause of Palestinian suffering. Litigation ...

Communications infrastructure in Palestine has become a tool of repression

November 13, 2018
BY: Who Profits Research Center
العربية | Français

Restrictions on Palestinian mobile companies mean that Israeli companies ...

A hidden violation—sexual violence against men and boys in Syria and Turkey

September 19, 2018
BY: Charu Lata Hogg

A new report suggests sexual violence against men and boys in widespread ...

The end of tyranny: South Africa’s civil society fights back

August 8, 2018
BY: Ivor Chipkin

Powerful civil society coalitions have re-emerged in South Africa, using ...

Resist or flee: NGOs respond to Egypt’s crackdown

July 24, 2018
BY: Khaled Mansour
العربية | Español

In the last few years, the Egyptian government has launched an unprecedented ...

Turkey’s democratic deficit and the European Court of Human Rights

June 26, 2018
BY: Dilek Kurban

Erdoğan will likely succeed in removing the only genuine political opposition ...

“No One Warned Me”: the trade-off between self-care and effective activism

June 20, 2017
BY: Yara Sallam

Is there a trade off between protecting your mental health as an activist ...

A levy in the African Union could be a step towards independence

June 14, 2017
BY: Amandine Rushenguziminega

A new levy in the African Union could lead to more financial independence—but ...

International recognition and public opinion towards conflict and violence

May 16, 2017
BY: Yael Zeira

Experiments show international recognition of statehood could change popular ...

Following orders: how expectations might reduce human rights abuses

May 8, 2017
BY: Yonatan Lupu

Understanding the logic of expectations could help us predict why some ...

Using experiments to improve women’s rights in Pakistan

May 3, 2017
BY: Gulnaz Anjum & Adam Chilton

Experiments on support for women’s rights in Pakistan could improve the ...

Why engaging with perpetrators isn’t possible in Iran (yet)

April 19, 2017
BY: Mahmood Monshipouri

Engagement with Iranian human rights perpetrators might help someday, ...

Satire as a tool of resistance in Egypt

December 20, 2016
BY: M. B.

In countries where fear is employed as a weapon against freedom of speech, ...

Rethinking strategies of child protection

December 14, 2016
BY: Rachel Schmidt

When children become the lead players in recruitment strategies, how can ...

Human rights and public opinion in Israel: anger vs. pragmatism

October 26, 2016
BY: Dahlia Scheindlin
Español | עברית | العربية

In Israel, public support for the term, “human rights,” is falling; support ...

Will tougher sentences prevent female genital mutilation in Egypt?

August 18, 2016
BY: Amel Fahmy

Egypt is considering tougher sentences and stiffer fines for doctors and ...

Human rights and the failed coup in Turkey

August 11, 2016
BY: Richard Falk

There are risks for human rights in the post-coup purges in Turkey. But ...

Human rights organizations and the state: how different are we really?

August 9, 2016
BY: Maayan Geva

How different are human rights organizations and the state institutions ...

Islamic ideals of peace and justice: are we overlooking something?

June 14, 2016
BY: Hakan Altinay

Associating progressive social policies with Islam may unsettle some, ...

Accounting for human rights: lessons from Syria

May 25, 2016
BY: Sean Luna Mcadams

If refugee advocates don’t shine a light on budgets, it will be nearly ...

Activists get creative in their push for Moroccan women’s rights

May 24, 2016
BY: Rachel Schmidt

Partnering with a comedienne and taking to social media, Human Rights ...

Crisis in Europe exposes failing refugee protection regime

May 11, 2016
BY: John Torpey

The refugee protection regime works if it remains limited to those genuinely ...

When national security trumps international humanitarian law, who wins?

May 4, 2016
BY: Brad Gutierrez

International humanitarian law is not a diplomatic conversation devoid ...

In the name of security: when silencing active citizens creates even greater problems

April 20, 2016
BY: Iva Dobichina & Poonam Joshi

Silencing activists in the name of security can stifle actors most likely ...

Missing: an international response to the rising tide of impunity

April 18, 2016
BY: Cathal Gilbert

Civil society organisations are targeted because political elites know ...

Is a reformed Refugee Convention a solution?

April 12, 2016
BY: Neva O. Öztürk & Cavidan Soykan

The Refugee Convention was designed for an earlier era, but there seems ...

Refugee protection is politics

March 31, 2016
BY: Roni Amit & Loren B. Landau

The best refugee legislation in the world will have little effect when ...

Syria continues to bleed while the Middle East closes its doors

March 23, 2016
BY: Susan M. Akram

Host states impose greater restrictions on refugees’ rights at least partly ...

Rethinking progressive NGO funding in Israel

February 5, 2016
BY: Hillel Ben-Sasson

Marked as traitors by the dominant Right for relying on foreign aid, Israeli ...

Ignore public opinion at your own peril

November 17, 2015
BY: Colin Irwin 

Why have global leaders continually been ignoring the views of Muslims—and ...

Strategic, data-driven human rights advocacy: the Israeli experience

November 4, 2015
BY: Dahlia Scheindlin

Winning the public’s trust requires that NGOs be open to understanding, ...

Wanted in Israel: democratic leadership

October 7, 2015
BY: Tamar Hermann 
العربية | עברית

Israeli public opinion is not nearly as anti-democratic as is often depicted. ...

Morocco’s “soft” repression of human rights activists

September 29, 2015
BY: Zine El Abidine Meknassi 
Français | العربية

Moroccan authorities still use old methods of oppressing opponents. Without ...

In Israel, public opinion matters more when it’s against you

September 23, 2015
BY: Dahlia Scheindlin
Español | العربية | עברית

Backed into a corner, Israeli human rights groups are trying to better ...

Perceptions on human rights can help—or hinder—state building

September 14, 2015
BY: Khalil Shikaki 
Français | العربية

Public perception on human rights in the Middle East can provide important ...

In Israel, intense combat spurs peace activism

September 7, 2015
BY: Erica Weiss 
עברית | العربية

Experience of intense combat not only turns Israeli soldiers against conflict ...

For Moroccan rights groups, good reputations aren’t enough

July 28, 2015
BY: Rachid Touhtou  & James Ron & Shannon Golden
Français | العربية

Without building a strong popular base, the Moroccan human rights community ...

Partners in prayer: women's rights and religion in Morocco

July 7, 2015
BY: Meriem El Haitami & Shannon Golden & James Ron
Français | العربية

Pundits say that religion and human rights are opposing forces in Morocco, ...

Let the pollsters pick? Navigating public opinion in Israel

June 30, 2015
BY: Jessica Montell
Español | العربية | עברית

Polls help identify wedge issues, but what happens if human rights activists ...

In Israel, implementing human rights feels wrong

June 30, 2015
BY: Dahlia Scheindlin
Español | עברית | العربية

Polls indicate that Jewish Israelis generally support the concept of human ...

Is the relationship of the ICC and R2P truly “win-win”?

June 22, 2015
BY: Ruben Reike
Français | العربية

Evidence from Syria and Libya suggests that linkages between the ICC and ...

ICC action and the domestic effects of transnational criminality

June 16, 2015
BY: Valentina Azarov

Noisy discussions in the Israeli/Palestinian context have obscured how ...

Palestine’s accession to the ICC may strengthen peace-first approach

April 28, 2015
BY: Leslie Vinjamuri

While civil society pushes a rights-first agenda in Palestine, resistance ...

Disputes over foreign funding in Israel mask much deeper issues

March 31, 2015
BY: Dimi Reider
العربية | עברית

If Israeli human rights groups are labeled fronts for foreign interests ...

Home, for Algeria’s Jews, is elsewhere

February 27, 2015
BY: Farah Souames

Intolerance towards Algerian Jews has been driven by geopolitics and history, ...

The ICC in Libya – justice delayed and denied

February 25, 2015
BY: Thomas Ebbs & Elham Saudi

The ICC has issued only 3 indictments in Libya, and no new ones since ...

In Egypt, human rights need religion

February 23, 2015
BY: Jack Snyder

Religious progressives are vital for Egypt’s human rights; secular groups ...

Transnational rights violations call for new forms of cooperation

February 10, 2015
BY: Jessica Montell
עברית | Español | Français | العربية

Human rights violations are increasingly transnational, yet there are ...