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Citizen action pushes judicial recognition of gay rights in India

November 15, 2018
BY: Suhrith Parthasarathy

The Indian Supreme Court’s landmark decision to declare unconstitutional ...

The rights of nature gaining ground

November 14, 2018
BY: Mari Margil
Español | Français

Nature has been treated in law as property, and exploited. But there is ...

Using the UN to advance LGBT rights in China

November 6, 2018
BY: Yanzi Peng

China’s engagement in UN human rights reviews provides real opportunities ...

Back to the Future: returning to human rights

November 1, 2018
BY: Mona Younis
Español | العربية

By neglecting citizen engagement, the human rights movement has failed ...

Venezuelan crisis shows the need to enhance the coherence of the UN human rights machinery

October 23, 2018
BY: Ligia Bolivar

Misconceived and poorly executed US efforts to reform the UN Human Rights ...

Values-based collective action helps resist the criminalization of compassion

October 17, 2018
BY: Rachel Freed

Humanitarian workers giving aid to migrants are being threatened and in ...

Despite record inequality, UK and EU won’t challenge Swaziland’s monarch

October 11, 2018
BY: Sunit Bagree

The UK and EU are ignoring Swaziland’s threats to human rights and civic ...

Understanding when and why countries adopt rights can improve activism

October 10, 2018
BY: Yonatan Lupu

Constitutional provisions are critical to protecting human rights, but ...

The privilege of remedy: how accessible is the ECtHR?

October 2, 2018
BY: Leyla-Denisa Obreja

The European Court of Human Rights is supposed to help victims of rights ...

Public consultations push back against multinationals in Colombia

September 25, 2018
BY: Antonio Sanchez Gomez

In Colombia, public consultations have successfully halted exploitative ...

A hidden violation—sexual violence against men and boys in Syria and Turkey

September 19, 2018
BY: Charu Lata Hogg

A new report suggests sexual violence against men and boys in widespread ...

Battling impunity in Mexico: an innovative strategy of international advocacy

September 5, 2018
BY: Gabriela Kletzel & Angel Gabriel Cabrera Silva

An innovative intervention by international experts in Mexico invigorated ...

Battling exclusion: giving a voice to women affected by leprosy

August 30, 2018
BY: Alice Cruz

Women affected by leprosy in India and beyond face high levels of discrimination ...

Amnesty International’s new drug policy puts it on a slippery slope

August 29, 2018
BY: Saul J. Takahashi

Human rights arguments for decriminalizing drug use are often flawed, ...

In Haiti, legal empowerment is resistance against exploitation

August 27, 2018
BY: Samuel Nesner & Ellie Happel

Social movements in Haiti are reimagining justice in order to fight back ...

With nationalism rising, do global human rights still have mass appeal?

August 22, 2018
BY: Joel R. Pruce

Caring about the rights of distant others was once fashionable but, as ...

Combatting modern slavery with human rights

August 14, 2018
BY: Todd Landman 

Abolitionism was arguably the first human rights movement, but historical ...

A shared learning agenda takes legal empowerment to the next level

August 2, 2018
BY: Erin Kitchell

Legal empowerment can be transformative across a wide range of issues, ...

Bringing justice close: an experiment in accessing justice with technology

July 17, 2018
BY: Shreya Sen

Legal empowerment enables poor and marginalized communities to be partners ...

UN’s approach inside Myanmar abandons human rights principles

July 12, 2018
BY: Liam Mahony

Although UN human rights bodies have criticized the persecution of the ...

“Naming and shaming”: still the human rights movement’s best weapon

July 11, 2018
BY: Aryeh Neier

Naming and shaming may be less important as a foreign policy tool to promote ...

Decolonizing human rights: local struggles with global dynamics

July 5, 2018
BY: Salil Shetty

Human rights have always been subject to efforts at misappropriation and ...

Legal empowerment allows indigenous Ecuadoreans to fight multinationals

July 5, 2018
BY: Juan Auz

Activism against environmental exploitation in Ecuador requires going ...

Family separation: a flashpoint in the global migrant crisis

June 29, 2018
BY: Brian Root  & Rachel Schmidt

Situations of inhumane treatment and abuses of power are where we need ...

US loses patience with Human Rights Council reforms

June 27, 2018
BY: Marc Limon

The US said it quit the UN Human Rights Council because it couldn’t reform ...

Understanding sexual violence against men and boys in conflict

June 19, 2018
BY: Charu Lata Hogg
العربية | Français | Español

Ten years after sexual violence in war was officially recognized as a ...

Twenty-five years later, how much do national human rights institutions matter?

June 12, 2018
BY: Steven L. B. Jensen
Français | Español

An expanding range of literature examines the effectiveness of national ...

Human rights and development: has the connection sunk in?

May 9, 2018
BY: Paul Nelson & Ellen Dorsey
Español | Français

The connection between human rights and development is hardly new, but ...

The SDGs and gender equality: empty promises or beacon of hope?

April 25, 2018
BY: Kate Donald  & Silke Staab
Français | Español

In a challenging global context for equality and women’s rights, a new ...

From revolution to bureaucratization: human rights law becomes central to global health governance

April 24, 2018
BY: Benjamin Mason Meier & Lawrence O. Gostin

Given the dramatic development of human rights under international law ...

Reimagining justice: human rights through legal empowerment

April 23, 2018
BY: Sukti Dhital

Legal empowerment offers promising new methods to improve access to justice ...

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: a difficult but do-able mandate

April 19, 2018
BY: Matheus Hernandez

The same mandate that makes the work of the High Commissioner a nearly ...

Breaking the human rights gridlock by embracing the Sustainable Development Goals

April 17, 2018
BY: Ted Piccone
Español | 简体中文 | العربية | Français

The dangers of a growing global divergence on human rights, with the rise ...

Avoiding the “access abyss”: palliative care, pain relief, and human rights

April 12, 2018
BY: Ravindran Daniel

The last decade has seen major developments in recognizing palliative ...

Transitional justice—time for a re-think

April 10, 2018
BY: Paul Seils

The transitional justice toolkit was developed for circumstances unlike ...

New treaty on business and human rights must hold ‘home’ states accountable

April 5, 2018
BY: Daniel Cerqueira & Alexandra Montgomery
Español | العربية | Français

To ensure justice for victims of corporate human rights abuse, transnational ...

Ending corporate corruption means looking at the North-South nexus

March 29, 2018
BY: Gillian Caldwell
Español | Français

By its very nature, standing up to corruption and corporate power means ...

Learning and unlearning the alchemy of human rights education

March 22, 2018
BY: Shayna Plaut
Español | Français | العربية | Deutsch

As human rights educators, fostering more effective learning and advocacy ...

Reframing sexual harassment as gender-based violence: the value of a rights framework

March 8, 2018
BY: Sarah Dávila-Ruhaak
Français | Español

When sexual harassment is reframed as gender-based violence and a human ...

Using foreign aid for state repression in Thailand

March 6, 2018
BY: Salvador Santino F. Regilme, Jr.

During transnational security crises, aid recipient governments use foreign ...

DNA testing can help – and hinder – sexual violence prosecutions

February 28, 2018
BY: Karen Naimer
Español | Français

DNA technology in sexual violence cases can strengthen investigations ...

Is being the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights an Impossible Job?

February 27, 2018
BY: Marc Limon

Perhaps the role of High Commissioner for Human Rights is not do-able ...

The activist balance: being both globally connected and locally rooted

February 20, 2018
BY: Urantsooj Gombosuren & Marte Hellema

In the volatility in Asia's human rights situations, can rights defenders ...

Reproductive gene editing imperils universal human rights

February 15, 2018
BY: Marcy Darnovsky & Leah Lowthorp & Katie Hasson
简体中文 | Русский | Español

The prohibition on reproductive gene editing to enhance human capabilities ...

Another one bites the dust—what future for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights?

February 8, 2018
BY: David Petrasek
Español | Français

The early departure—yet again—of a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights ...

The paradoxical existence of the LGBTI movement in Indonesia

February 6, 2018
BY: Devandy Ario Putro

Indonesia used to have a reputation of tolerance, but inflammatory rhetoric ...

Using cross-movement collaborations to tackle human rights complexities

January 16, 2018
BY: Claudia Samcam

Human rights problems are increasingly more complex and cross-cutting. ...

Empowering language of rights underlies increasing use in HIV advocacy

January 9, 2018
BY: Kristi Heather Kenyon
Setswana | Zulu

Local HIV activists are expanding human rights discourse into health advocacy, ...