Articles that focus on or discuss Central American, South American and/or the Caribbean countries

Fragile Rights? New Challenges for LGBTQ People in the Americas

March 6, 2019
BY: Ari Shaw & Mauricio Albarracín
Español | Português

The rise of religious fundamentalism in Latin America—in conjunction with ...

What Bolsonaro means for human rights in Brazil

December 20, 2018
BY: Oliver Hudson & Juana Kweitel
Español | Português

Under the leadership of president elect Bolsonaro, Brazil must be poised ...

Imprisonment as a last resort? Reforming Brazil’s prisons

November 29, 2018
BY: Náthaly Calixto

Systematic discrimination means that—despite vocational programs—many ...

Venezuelan crisis shows the need to enhance the coherence of the UN human rights machinery

October 23, 2018
BY: Ligia Bolivar

Misconceived and poorly executed US efforts to reform the UN Human Rights ...

Treaty pushes for environmental justice in Latin America and the Caribbean

October 2, 2018
BY: Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah

Despite closing space for civil society, the new Escazú Agreement—which ...

Public consultations push back against multinationals in Colombia

September 25, 2018
BY: Antonio Sanchez Gomez

In Colombia, public consultations have successfully halted exploitative ...

Battling impunity in Mexico: an innovative strategy of international advocacy

September 5, 2018
BY: Gabriela Kletzel & Angel Gabriel Cabrera Silva

An innovative intervention by international experts in Mexico invigorated ...

In Haiti, legal empowerment is resistance against exploitation

August 27, 2018
BY: Samuel Nesner & Ellie Happel

Social movements in Haiti are reimagining justice in order to fight back ...

Local community funding: what’s possible in Latin America?

August 21, 2018
BY: Gastón Chillier

Shifting to local community funding is possible in Latin America, as a ...

Resilience in non-democratic contexts: perspectives from Venezuela

July 19, 2018
BY: Rafael Uzcátegui

As elected governments increasingly launch power grabs and smear campaigns ...

Legal empowerment allows indigenous Ecuadoreans to fight multinationals

July 5, 2018
BY: Juan Auz

Activism against environmental exploitation in Ecuador requires going ...

Creating a healing space for women human rights defenders

May 10, 2018
BY: Ana María Hernández Cárdenas & Nallely Guadalupe Tello Méndez

Self-care and collective care do not erase the stress and tensions of ...

New climate change lawsuit in Colombia part of growing, worldwide trend

March 13, 2018
BY: Camila Bustos

A new lawsuit in Colombia involving young plaintiffs seeks to protect ...

Participatory grantmaking helps to shift power relations in Mexico

January 18, 2018
BY: Jenny Barry

Powerful results surfaced when a Mexican women’s rights funder began to ...

Using cross-movement collaborations to tackle human rights complexities

January 16, 2018
BY: Claudia Samcam

Human rights problems are increasingly more complex and cross-cutting. ...

Why is the Inter-American Human Rights System lagging on climate change?

January 11, 2018
BY: Juan Auz

The Inter-American Human Rights System is an important tool for Latin ...

Scientists and activists collaborate to bring hard data into advocacy

November 21, 2017
BY: César Rodríguez-Garavito

A new collaboration in Colombia is bringing together activists, scientists, ...

How not to produce energy: lessons from Brazil’s Belo Monte dam

November 10, 2017
BY: Astrid Puentes Riaño
Español | Português

Due to lack of community consultation and negative socio-environmental ...

Reforming drug laws to reduce prison populations in Latin America

October 20, 2017
BY: Ana Jimena Bautista

Three Latin American countries are experimenting with drug law reforms ...

Court judgements are shaking political foundations—and upholding rights

September 14, 2017
BY: James A. Goldston

In Kenya, Guatemala and Brazil, courts have defied presidents and shaken ...

The forgotten advocates of children's rights in Guatemala

September 1, 2017
BY: Myrella Saadeh

In Guatemala, children’s rights advocates are often the most heavily burdened ...

The legitimization of violence to solve social problems in Brazil

August 24, 2017
BY: Samira Bueno & Renato Sérgio de Lima
Español | Português

Many Brazilians indicate that they would accept authoritarianism and government ...

New threats against human rights defenders require new kinds of protection

July 11, 2017
BY: Padre Melo

Human rights organizations and funders in Latin America need to rethink ...

Integrating a psychosocial perspective in human rights works

June 27, 2017
BY: Maik Müller

Integrating a psychosocial perspective requires the incorporation of psychosocial ...

Exploring new possibilities beyond foreign funding in Brazil

May 30, 2017
BY: Amanda Fazano
Español | Français | Português

Brazil has a potentially large philanthropy market, and social media may ...

Monetizing the human rights “brand”

May 4, 2017
BY: David Crow & José Kaire & James Ron

Marketing research can help Mexican rights groups monetize their “brand” ...

The collapse of authority: violence against prisoners in Latin America

March 31, 2017
BY: Luis Felipe Cruz Olivera

With prison riots and massacres getting out of control in many Latin American ...

Ordinary people will pay for rights. We asked them

February 15, 2017
BY: James Ron & José Kaire & David Crow

New research suggests that if human rights organizations use evidence-based ...

Imagining justice for ethnic communities in Colombia

February 8, 2017
BY: Helen Kerwin

Reparations for conflict-related harms as set out in the peace accords ...

Haiti’s “linguistic apartheid” violates children’s rights and hampers development

January 31, 2017
BY: Michel DeGraff

Haiti’s educational system routinely discriminates against those who don’t ...

The UN shakes up Guatemala with the Commission Against Impunity

December 13, 2016
BY: Christian Medina-Ramirez  & Luis Mack 

The UN-sponsored International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala ...

Beyond blood diamonds: the violence behind the gold route

November 25, 2016
BY: Natalia Duarte

Illegal gold exchanges between the global North and South are fuelling ...

A post-Brexit, post-Trump World could learn from Colombia

November 21, 2016
BY: Christian Medina-Ramirez 

A shell-shocked America, a Brexit-divided United Kingdom and a crisis-stricken ...

Small grants can make big impacts

October 4, 2016
BY: Maria Amália Souza 

Building a culture of philanthropy in the global South is a herculean ...

Fighting misconceptions and logistics to raise funds in Brazil

August 31, 2016
BY: Ana Valéria Araújo & Maíra Junqueira 
Português | Español

Logistical issues and lack of awareness among Brazilians have created ...

The UN undermined both public health and human rights in Haiti

August 25, 2016
BY: Valerie Percival 

Failing to acknowledge its involvement in the 2010 Cholera outbreak in ...

It’s time for development banks to start listening

August 17, 2016
BY: Maina Kiai

The aid community often ignores the wishes of the very people it’s supposed ...

In Venezuela, data is power

August 10, 2016
BY: Christian Medina-Ramirez 

Venezuela’s lack of reliable data on socio-economic metrics poses both ...

Colombia’s constrained peace process: how courts alter peace-making

July 26, 2016
BY: Sandra Borda & Courtney Hillebrecht & Alexandra Huneeus

The Colombia case shows international courts do impact local peace-making, ...

The political strategy for peace

July 19, 2016
BY: Diana Isabel Güiza Gómez 

After 50 years, the Colombian government has signed a historic ceasefire ...

Cross-movement organizing in Mexico leads to new resources

June 21, 2016
BY: Jenny Barry

Feminists and environmentalists are coming together in Mexico to form ...

Will evidence of crimes against humanity change anything in Mexico?

June 16, 2016
BY: Alejandro Anaya Munoz

A new report argues that widespread human rights violations in Mexico ...

Does “de-Kirchnerizing” Argentina mean dismantling human rights policies?

May 19, 2016
BY: Alejandra Dandan

A key concern for many Argentinians, among the numerous changes Mauricio ...

Reclaiming space through UN-supported litigation

April 19, 2016
BY: Maina Kiai

Working together, the UN and civil society are using innovative legal ...

Mexicans expect far more from the Pope than we will ever get

April 13, 2016
BY: Ariadna Estévez

The Pope’s first official visit to Mexico was all talk and no action, ...

Human rights at a crossroads: 18 months after Ayotzinapa

April 5, 2016
BY: Janice Gallagher & Paula Martinez Gutierrez

Eighteen months after Ayotzinapa, Mexican civil society has pulled together ...

Holding businesses to account in Latin America

February 15, 2016
BY: Nelson Camilo Sanchez

Colombia and Argentina are taking steps to hold businesses accountable ...

What does Zika have to do with inequality? Everything.

February 9, 2016
BY: Rachel Schmidt

Women’s rights advocates are using fears around Zika to fight for better ...